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PMHS Science Teacher Vacancy

By • Mar 22nd, 2013 • Category: Superintendent

Pittsfield citizens may have heard or seen reports of a science teaching vacancy at PMHS.  This vacancy has occurred because our biology and chemistry teacher, Ms. Mason, has had to take a leave from her teaching duties for the remainder of the school year.  Ms. Mason is an outstanding teacher who has helped our students to achieve high levels of excellence; we all miss her already.

Ms. Mason’s teaching colleagues have pitched in to help support our students in this transition.  Ms. Mason’s advisory students, for example, have been reassigned to other teachers in our Grades 11-12 team, and these experienced teachers are completing the important work of fulfilling personal learning plans.  We thank our teachers for their contributions in support of our students.

As you may know, both biology and chemistry teachers are in short supply; in fact, these roles are listed on our New Hampshire Department of Education’s critical shortage list, and they have been for many years.  It is particularly difficult to recruit these teachers in the middle of a school year and in rural areas.  As difficult as it may be, the district assumes responsibility for supporting our students’ continued learning and progress through their courses.

The district is pleased to announce that a qualified and experienced teacher has been recruited and will begin service on Tuesday, March 26.  For the first week of our new teacher’s service, Ms. Mason will continue to develop lesson plans and evaluate student work as she has been doing during her absence.  Our new teacher – Ms. Miller – will take over full responsibility at the start of the fourth quarter on Monday, April 1.

We thank our students and parents for their patience and understanding while we worked to accommodate the needs of our students.  We assure that Pittsfield community that the district operates student-centered schools that consider our students are our absolute top priority.

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