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Below  is the link to the “Online Newsroom” of the NHHEAF website with links to press releases.  The PES “I’m Going to College Month” kick-off is featured in one article, and the high school is also mentioned in the article about College Access Challenge Grant Outreach & Support Programs.  If a hard copy of the publication comes to you, you will find several photos from the PES event, too.

We have scheduled 2 onsite FAFSA filing days, with 7 appointments scheduled for 1/11 and 3 already set for the 2/27 date… One of our recent grads has made an appointment…. Parents enrolling in college or trade school, former students and staff members can also contact guidance for an appointment.  There is a possibility of getting a second NHHEAF person in or scheduling an additional date, if needed.

This is proving to be a great partnership, and there more opportunities to come…

Recently the Pittsfield School District was awarded a School Improvement Grant (SIG) by the New Hampshire Department of Education to help raise the achievement of students at Pittsfield Middle High School and better prepare them for college and career.  In order to help Pittsfield students to get a better quality of education, the school wants to know from you a) what they did well and b) what they could have done better to prepare students for a successful life.  Graduates and former students are invited to complete an online survey to help guide its efforts to improve.

The survey can be found online at the following website:

If you need a paper copy of the survey mailed to you or need assistance with Internet access, you may contact Sarah Rollins, Director of College and Career Readiness Contact at Pittsfield High School, 23 Oneida Street, Pittsfield, NH 03263-3414 or call (603) 435-6701.

The findings from this survey will help the school to take actions and make changes that can improve the quality of education that students receive, and better prepare them for college and career success.

We look forward to receiving your survey soon!  Thanks for taking the time to help future generations of students in Pittsfield.  Your feedback really matters.


PSAT results are now all in and are being distributed to students who took the test in October.

Result reports include an access code for their “My College Quickstart,” an online

program for college/career exploration, their personal PSAT results and SAT study plan and a variety of other resources.  Encourage your student to check it out and explore the site.

Additional resources and information for parents is available at

New Hampshire Charitable Foundation Scholarship Application is available online.

This is a great opportunity to complete one application and be considered for a number of different scholarships including Career Aid for Technical Students, Citizens Bank High School Achievement Award, Dunkin Donuts Scholarship Program, Fisher Cats Foundation Scholar- Athlete program and more… Information and applications are available at

Instructions on how to access last semesters grades on Powerschool.

By clicking on the “Grade History” icon at the top of the page (next to “Grades and Attendance”) parents and students have access to all of the assignments and grades recorded for that student in PowerSchool, including first semester of this year and all of last year.