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 Click to access the corresponding forms.  [1]

image image image image imageimage [2]image [3]image [4] LogoELOs are programs which provide all students with a non-traditional educational experience that is interest based, designed with rigor, intended to address personal relevance, and naturally builds critical relationships between students and their community.


The success of ELOs depends on community involvement. Students involved with ELOs in their communities are not simply going to an after-school job or working on projects in isolation. They are engaged in experiential learning (learning that occurs when students are placed in a situation where they think and interact, learn in and from a real-world environment) and applying that learning in a meaningful way to make a contribution to their world. Get involved in student learning by providing experiential opportunities, everything from job shadowing to one-on-one mentorships.


As a community partner, you will be helping to provide students with valuable real-world learning experiences, engaging them with the community, and perhaps helping to form tomorrow’s community leaders.



If you would like more information on becoming a community mentor, please contact

Sheila Ward, M. Ed.,

ELO Coordinator

Phone: 603-435-6701 X1117

Cell: 603-219-3742

Email: sward@pittsfield.k12.nh.us [5]


Click on the links below to access the corresponding forms, rubrics, or resources.

Community Partner Handbook [6]
ELO Documents: 
·        Community Partner Review [7]
·        Community, Student, and School Agreement Form [8]
·        ELO Project, Portfolio, Presentation Requirements [9]
·        Health Care Confidentiality and Liability Form [10]
·        Job Shadow Competencies and Learning Activities [11]
·        Code of Ethics [12]

ELO Resources:



·        DOE ECS Presentation on Competencies and ELOs [13]

·        DOE Frequently Asked Questions [14]

·        DOE ELO Video

·        DOE Supporting Student Success Through ELOs [15]


DOL Forms

·        Approval Form for Non-paid Work-based Activities [16]

·        Pre-Screening Form [17]

·        To File Safety Summary Form [18]


DOL Resources

·        Child Labor Regs (Non Agricultural) [19]

·        Child Labor Regs (Agricultural) [20]

·        Federal Child Labor Information [21]

·        Pre Approved Work sites [22]

·        Restricted Activities [23]

·        Safety and Training [24]

·        Written Safety Program [25]


·        Shared Language for ELOs [26] 

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[22] Pre Approved Work sites: http://www.labor.state.nh.us/pre_approved.asp

[23] Restricted Activities: http://pittsfield-nh.com/pmhs/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/Restricted-Activities.pdf

[24] Safety and Training: http://www.labor.state.nh.us/safety_training.asp

[25] Written Safety Program: http://pittsfield-nh.com/pmhs/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/ST-WrittenSafetyProgram.pdf

[26] Shared Language for ELOs: http://pittsfield-nh.com/pmhs/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/Shared-Language-for-ELOs.pdf

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