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2013 – 2014 School Calendar

By Lois Stevens

Homework Tips for Teachers & Parents

By Lois Stevens

Homework Tips for Teachers & Parents

Cafe Services

By Lois Stevens

Please read these two following opening letters which contain important information regarding Cafe Services and the upcoming 2012-2013 school year:

Fresh Picks Cafe Services Opening Letter 2013-2014 School Year 

Fresh Picks Newsletters

Wellness Newsletter June 2013

Fresh Picks Website


PMHS Breakfast Menu April, 2014

PMHS Lunch Menu April, 2014

PMHS Breakfast Menu March, 2014

PMHS Lunch Menu March, 2014

PMHS Breakfast Menus February 2014

PMHS Lunch Menu February 2014

PMHS Breakfast  Jan, 2014

PMHS Lunch Jan. 2014

PMHS Breakfast Dec, 2013

PMHS Lunch Dec, 2013

PMHS Breakfast Nov 2013

PMHS Lunch Nov 2013

PMHS Breakfast Oct 2013

PMHS Lunch Oct 2013

PMHS Breakfast Aug-Sept 2013

PMHS Lunch Aug-Sept 2013



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Pittsfield Town Website

By Lois Stevens

GED Program Offered With Flexible Times


Pittsfield Middle High School is offering a GED program with flexible times. One PES parent just completed the program while her child attended school. For information on the program email or call MaryAnn Hatab, PMHS Media Coordinator at PMHS 435-6701.

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Internet Safety Programs (new information from NH-DOE)


Internet safety resources to help keep kids safe when they go online.

Internet Safety