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Rebound: The Chris Herren Story

On Wednesday, September 2, Chris Herren will be in Pittsfield to share his story with students and the community. Herren is a former professional basketball player who lost his life’s dream of playing in the NBA to substance abuse. Herren will speak about the experiences that have impacted his life as a teenager, athlete, and speaker. He will touch on topics such as drunk driving, smoking pot, peer pressure, bullying, and cutting. The student conversation will be held from 1:00-2:30 p.m. and a community event will be held from 6:30-8:00 p.m. A community dinner will start at 6:00 p.m. in the school cafeteria. We hope you can join us for this event!

Save The Date: September 2, 2015

State House Visit

My name is Ulviyya Akbarova and I come from Baku, the capital of a country in Eastern Europe, Azerbaijan. Last year I decided to become an exchange student to the USA to find out more about the American life. Sincerely, it was the best decision I have ever made. Since the day I came to Pittsfield, New Hampshire, my life changed forever. If you know any exchange students in your town or at your school, you can always hear their stories about their adventurous American life full of experience. However, you cannot consider your exchange year full of experience if you have never experienced being a part of the legislative process. Fortunately, I got a chance to see how rules are made in the US Government. (more…)

District Newsletter 9/19/14

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2014 Homecoming Weekend

Friday and Saturday, September 19th-20th

Homecoming Weekend Schedule


Guess Who’s Coming To Pittsfield?

It is sometimes said that imitation is the highest form of flattery. If that’s the case, then the Pittsfield NH School District has much to feel flattered by in recent months. Since the beginning of the school year, the District has been host to visitors from across the country, all of them eager to know more about Pittsfield’s work.

According to Tobi Chassie, Project Manager for the Pittsfield Redesign, the phone calls started coming in before Thanksgiving. The first inquiry came from a group of schools in northern Vermont exploring student ownership of learning, one of the hallmarks of the District’s change work.

The next callers were other Nellie-Mae funded districts in northern New England. In early November, the Pittsfield team had presented to its New England colleagues at the Nellie Mae Cross-Site Learning Summit. The focus was the District’s work in the area of “position analysis,” a methodical and collaborative process for defining the role of each staff position in the organization. The work is based on research from the field of organizational development revealing that position clarity is the number one predictor of job satisfaction and productivity. (more…)

Pittfield basketball’s Cam Darrah is in the High School Spotlight

Published by the Concord Monitor on Feb 15.

Curriculum Now On-Line!

The Pittsfield School District invites you to view our curriculum that has been articulated kindergarten through 12th grade. Many education researchers have said that there are more standards than can be mastered in a school year. By articulating our curriculum, each grade level has identified which standards and outcomes they will help the students learn each year. There will be a common outcome for each class within a grade level, even if there are different teachers.

Curriculum mapping also helps the teachers to see how they are building on skills as students move up through the grades. Curriculum mapping helps ensure learning skills build upon each other over the 13 school years of education for all students.  Pittsfield went with ATLAS because it is a web-based platform that teachers can access at home or at school, wherever they are planning.

A link to ATLAS is located under Academics/ATLAS Mapping.

As you start to browse Atlas, you will notice you will only see certain parts that are visible to the public. Why are only parts of ATLAS public? As teachers finish articulating the curriculum, we want to be able to share those outcomes with the greater Pittsfield Community. This will allow for transparency and inspire greater collaboration between home, school, and the community. Right now, teachers have made their Units and Pacing Calendar public. In about a month, we will be making the Competencies/Enduring Understandings and the standards taught for each course public. There will be parts of Atlas that will not become public, like the assessments, so that we can secure the integrity of the assessments.

Parents are a critical part of their children’s education. In sharing our curriculum maps with our parents, we are lifting the veil and making public what their children must know during each year of school. When parents know what their children are learning, they can become more engaged in assisting the educational development of their children and can have more informed dialogue with their children’s teachers. Atlas curriculum mapping is a conduit to greater educational and life success for our students and your children.

Thank you for the opportunity to educate your child and to create a team approach to ensuring educational excellence. Please direct any questions to Ms. Chris Teague, Director of Curriculum and Intervention or Ms. Danielle Harvey, District Curriculum/Tier I Coach at Pittsfield School District at (603) 435-8432.

Link to our Atlas site for community:


Please watch Student-Led Conferences at Pittsfield Middle High School…….. video!

Academic Supports and Pittsfield Google Accounts for Students

January 14, 2013

Dear Pittsfield PMHS Families:

PMHS Academic Supports & Pittsfield Google Accounts for Students
We have implemented a number of ways to support our students who need extra time and help in completing their assignments to demonstrate that they are meeting expectations for each of their course competencies. The goal of these supports outside of normal class time is to help every student to be successful in all their courses at PMHS. The following is a list of those supports:

  • The library is open every morning from 7:00 – 7:30 am and staffed so students can have access to the computers, library resources and to get help with their assignments.
  • Most teachers are available most afternoons after school to help their students. Students should check with their teachers to schedule time for help.
  • The library is open Monday through Thursday afternoons from 2:55 – 3:50 pm and is staffed with our reading and writing specialist to provide help for any student.
  • Our math interventionist is available in room 112 Monday through Thursday afternoons from 2:55 – 3:50 pm to provide math help for any student.
  • The computer lab in 212 is open during Late Start Wednesdays from 8:00 – 9:30 am and staffed to provide help for any student.
  • The Writing Center, located in the library and staffed with knowledgeable student tutors, is a great resource for students who need support at any stage of the writing process. Students may drop by the Writing Center (which is staffed during most periods of the day), or drop by to request an appointment with a tutor. The Writing Center will also be working with student tutors to make staff available during LSW.

On January 22nd and 23rd we will be running a special schedule to accommodate Extended Learning Time Days. Students will be meeting with their advisors to review their academic progress so far this year in both their year long and half year classes. Advisors will be scheduling students to meet with their teachers for classes that they need additional support, have summative assessments to retake or to create competency recovery plans. There will be seven extended learning periods over these two days. Wednesday, January 23 will be a traditional Late Start Wednesday. Please contact your student’s advisor if you would like additional information on our Extended Learning Time days.

Starting Wednesday, February 6 those students who are not academically eligible to participate in extra- and co-curricular activities (identified in PowerSchool on student pages) will be required to come to school on Wednesday mornings at the normal time, 7:57 am, to receive help in those subjects that they are not being successful in.

Students who are not academically eligible to participate in extra- and co-curricular activities are those students who do not have a 2.5 competency score average in four or more courses. Currently academic eligibility is determined at the end of each quarter for the following quarter.

Attendance on Wednesday morning during Late Start Wednesday will no longer be optional for those who are not maintaining a 2.5 average of course competencies in at least four academic courses. We believe that providing the extra time and support on Wednesday mornings to those students who are not being successful is essential to supporting them so that they can be successful.

Attendance will be taken in room 212 for all high school students who are not eligible for co-curricular activities. A report will be run each Thursday afternoon to determine who is required to report to school at the normal time the following Wednesday morning. Students will be informed by their advisor during advisory if they are required to attend each Wednesday morning. Once students reach and maintain a 2.5 average of course competencies in four or more of their academic classes their attendance during Late Start Wednesday will once again be optional.

Google Accounts for Students –  a permission slip is being mailed home that will allow us to create a Google account for your student here at school. This account will allow your student to have direct communication with their teachers when not in class as well as allow them to submit their work electronically, along with many other benefits that your student and their teachers can share with you. If you agree with your student having a school Google account please sign and return the lower portion of the permission slip to your student’s advisor.

We want all of our students to be successful and will continue to develop ways to support them in their studies. Please be sure to contact your student’s teacher, their advisor, or me at 435-6701 or at if you have any questions or would like more information.


Robert E. Bickford, Principal


Collaboration station – Concord Monitor Article

With $2 million, school makes drastic changes for future
With the help of more than $2 million of stimulus money, Pittsfield Middle High School is hoping to change its status as one of the lowest-performing schools in New Hampshire.
October 11, 2010

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