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School Lunch

We have recently fielded questions regarding free and reduced lunch. Most of the questions are concerning what the lunch consists of and what a student must have on their tray. The statement below from the Fresh Picks Corporate Resource Department may clarify some of those questions.

“USDA regulations require that students who qualify for school meal benefits take a full, nutritious meal at breakfast and at lunch. This meal consists of at least a fruit, a grain and a milk at breakfast; and a combination of at least three items – fruit, vegetable, protein, milk and grains – at lunch (one of the taken items must be a fruit or vegetable). If students take less than what the USDA considers a full meal the school district must charge the student full price rather than request Federal reimbursement – or face the possibility of suspended Federal funding and even fines by the USDA.”

Student-Centered Learning 101

Hosted by Pittsfield Listens
October 9, 5:45-8:00 PM
Join us for an evening to learn about student-centered learning and how it has positively impacted the schools and community. We will begin the evening with a light dinner and open reception to explore items highlighting student-centered learning at PMHS. Then we will hear from the panel of students, teachers, and staff from PMHS with time for a Q&A and small group discussions. Childcare will be available at the event. RSVP requested. Please contact Molly at or call 312-6980 for more information.

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