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PMHS Booster Club


The Pittsfield Middle High School Booster Club is comprised of a group of parents and citizens interested in supporting all sports and seeks to promote pride and spirit within the school.

The Pittsfield Middle High School Booster Club (hereafter referred to as the Boosters) will have an Executive Board of Officers comprised of the following:





Members-at-Large (2)

The Executive Board will be responsible for:

1. Gathering information and setting meeting agendas so that the members attending the meetings get the most value for their volunteer time.

2. Acting as administrators of the Booster=s budget so that those items which the Boosters have voted as appropriate and official are properly, timely and economically obtained for the benefit of PMHS and its athletes.

The following By-Laws will enable us to carry out these duties in the most efficient manner that we see possible.



Section 1: The Executive Committee and Members of the Boosters shall meet monthly or as needed beginning in September. This meeting shall be held at the convenience of its members.

Section 2: The Executive Committee of the Boosters will meet as needed.


Section 1: Four members of the executive committee constitutes a quorum. All votes will be called by a show of hands and a majority will govern.

Section 2: All issues brought to a vote will be open to discussion prior to the call for a vote. The president/designate will moderate the discussion. Debate shall be satisfactory to all present before the vote is taken.

Section 3: There will be an open meeting to the members in June where officers will be elected by all present.


Section 1: The Executive Committee of the Booster Club shall be elected at the last Boosters meeting of each school year. Nominations will be accepted at the meeting previous to the last. Duties will commence on July 1. They shall be the only official representatives of the Boosters.

Section 2: The following Officers shall be elected each year in June during our annual meeting. No single person may occupy more than one office.





Members at Large (2)

Only one of the Executive Officer=s positions including the President, Vice-President, Secretary or Treasurer may be held by co-officers.

Section 3: Description and duties for each Officer shall be as follows:

President 1. Preside over Boosters meetings

2. Set agenda for said meeting

3. Act as a liaison between the Boosters (and its committees) and the School

Vice-President 1. Preside over Boosters meeting in the absence of the President

2. Assist the President in the coordination of Boosters meetings

3. Organize and supervise various committee chairpersons

Secretary 1. Preside over the Boosters meetings in the absence of the President and the Vice-President

2. Take minutes at all Boosters meetings

3. Provide all elected officers a copy of each meeting=s minutes at the following meeting and present these minutes for approval

4. Provide the newspapers with meeting times and news items

Treasurer 1. Preside over Boosters meetings in the absence of the President, Vice-President and the Secretary

2. Maintain accurate accounting records of any and all financial transactions that occur within the Boosters fund

3. Ensure that three (3) signatures (the President=s, the Vice- President=s and the Treasurer=s) are on the bank account(s)

4. Provide a copy of the Financial Report for each Officer at each regularly scheduled Boosters meeting and present that report

for approval

5. At the annual June meeting, a yearly financial report shall be presented

Member-at-Large 1. To assist all other officers in duties where needed


Section 1: Any person or organization desiring to receive moneys from the Boosters should present a written request consisting of the amount desired, the purpose and a brief explanation of the need to the Executive Committee of the Boosters prior to their monthly meeting. The same person or organization should also attend the next open meeting to represent their request to the members so that it may be voted on.

Section 2: Should there arise an unplanned, unexpected need for funds and waiting for the next Boosters meeting will jeopardize a function that is vital to the stated purpose of the Boosters, up to $200.00 (two hundred dollars) may be allocated so long as the following conditions are met:

1. At least three Elected Officers, one of which must be the Treasurer and another must be either the President or the Vice-President, must be made aware of the need for the exception, and

2. All three Officers involved must agree that an exception is warranted and justified.

Section 3: No Committee Chairperson, nor any Committee members shall commit Boosters funds without submitting the request through the proper procedure as outlined in Article 3, Sections 1 & 2.

Section 4: Summer Activities/Fund raisers shall be organized and approved no later than the June meeting. The newly elected Executive Committee will be responsible for any and all pre-approved summer commitments.

Section 5: If for any reason the Boosters cannot continue, we agree to continue the treasury for one year after dissolution and try to re-generate interest. If no one is willing to continue the organization, dissolution will occur. The moneys in the treasury will be divided equally amongst the six class treasuries (grades 7- 12).


Section 1: The elected Officers of the Boosters shall comprise the Executive Committee.

Section 2: Committees shall be formed to handle the various Booster functions and activities as outlined by the Executive Committee of the Boosters.

Section 3: A committee Chairperson shall be appointed by the Executive Committee for each Committee that is formed. This person will be responsible for the coordination and implementation of those functions that are assigned to his/her Committee.

Section 4: Committee Chairpersons shall report the ongoing status of any/all activities directly to the Vice-President on a monthly basis or more frequently if needed.

Section 5: Committee Chairpersons will be responsible for presenting requests for moneys directly to the Boosters Executive Committee and the members as outlined in Article 4, Section 1.

Section 6: Committee Chairpersons are not Officers of the Boosters and should not present themselves as such. They may be authorized to carry out certain duties on behalf of the Boosters but they must adhere to all restricting regulations as set forth in the By-Laws (See Article 3, Section 1 and Article 4, Section 3).


Section 1: These Articles and their subsections comprise the entire set of By-Laws. No changes or alterations may be made without a vote by the members of the Boosters (See Article 2, section 3).

Section 2: These By-Laws are approved this ___________ day of __________________,

20_____ by a majority vote of the PMHS Booster Club.

President _____________________________________________________________

Vice-President ___________________________________________________________

Secretary _______________________________________________________________

Treasurer _______________________________________________________________

Member-at-Large _________________________________________________________

Member-at-Large _________________________________________________________

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