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Potter Kit Cornell Art Residency at PIttsfield Middle High School

By Jennifer Massey
Pittsfield Middle High School has received a grant through New Hampshire Charitable Foundation and Globe Manufacturing of Pittsfield, New Hampshire to support an artist residency this spring. Potter Kit Cornell of Exeter, New Hampshire will spend 5 days at PMHS working with students on pottery skills. Ms. Cornell is a professional potter making functional pieces in both stoneware and porcelain from her studio in Exeter. Her work is appreciated and shown both here and abroad. Her forms are simple and her glazes complex, resulting from study of many cultures and traditions.  Her interests include using local resources, exploring clay as historical record, and ensuring the relevance of art in daily life. Art gives life meaning. Kit’s commitment to art education in general and clay education in particular may be seen in the sharing of her studio with apprentices and students, traveling to far corners of the state to teach, and presenting at workshops and conferences. Imaginations may be kindled, respect for the planet strengthened, processes taught, and skills relevant to many areas of life acquired by working in clay. Organizational affiliations include the League of NH Craftsmen, New Hampshire Potters Guild, Exeter Art Association, and the Seacoast Growers Association’s Portsmouth Farmer’s Market. She has most recently been working with students at the Spaulding Youth Center in Tilton. Joining Ms. Cornell at PMHS will be her studio assistant Zack Whitehouse, a masters of education graduate student from UNH.







Pittsfield is a small, rural community of about 4,500 residents, located in Merrimack County, nestled in the heart of the Suncook Valley and located a short distance from Concord, Manchester, the Seacoast and the Lakes Region. Pittsfield’s economy is supported by major industries in the fields of construction, and fire suit production. The town also serves as a commuting community for people working in the Concord and Manchester area. Pittsfield is located on Routes 28 and 107.


The Pittsfield School District includes Pittsfield Elementary School (PK-6) and Pittsfield Middle High School (7-12). The Pittsfield Elementary School educates approximately 328 students using Four Blocks Literacy Framework, Everyday Math, and Science and Social Studies curricula developed using Understanding By Design. The Pittsfield Middle High School educates approximately 237 students and is in the process of a school redesign initiative. Through this redesign process teachers are creating more effective learning experiences for students by personalizing content, product, and competency based instruction and assessment. We are beginning to implement a range of options for personalizing teaching and learning, both in and out of the classroom. Both schools monitor the climate of the learning environment by subscribing to the philosophy Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS), Responsive Classroom and Developmental Designs.

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New Attendance Law and District Attendance Policy



Being available for learning is the first step to success in school and in life. Last summer the New Hampshire State Legislature passed a tough new law on school attendance.  Under NH RSA 189:35-ten half-days of unexcused absences during a school year constitute “habitual truancy.”  On September 22, the Pittsfield School Board adopted a comprehensive policy on attendance, absenteeism, and truancy.

The Pittsfield policy specifies excused absences for the following reasons: illness, recovery from an accident, required court attendance, medical and dental appointments, death in the immediate family, observations or celebration of a bona fide religious holiday, or “such other good cause as may be acceptable to the Principal or permitted by law.”

In order for an absence to be excused we are asking that, in addition to calling in, parents provide a written reason for any absence from school.  Under the law, the Principal may investigate excessive absences for illness and ask that a doctor’s note be provided.  A copy of the Pittsfield policy is available from the link below.

Pittsfield Attendance Policy 2010