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Pittsfield College Students Return for PES Students


Pittsfield students home for vacation shared with PES 5th and 6th grade students about their experiences at college. The Pittsfield Middle High School hosted the meeting in the PMHS lecture hall. The discussion was facilitated by Angelia Castongauy from NHHEAF. Topics covered were dorm life, majors, clubs on campus, rules at college, roommates and of course food! It was great to have these students back in our school to share their experiences. They are doing amazing things!

Pittsfield Elementary School Improvement Team

We are seeking parents and community members interested in participating on a school improvement team. Please consider joining us.

Visit to vote for our school.

Voting is now closed. Thank you to all who voted for our school.

iPad Learning for Fifth and Sixth Graders

Teachers and District Technology Integrator, Carin Foss, plan to distribute iPads to fifthand sixth-grade students later this month, on Tuesday, May 21. These tools are part of our district’s one-to-one technology and learning initiative.

Teachers have been preparing to use several applications, or apps, to teach the curriculum using these powerful and engaging tools. At PES the iPads will be staying at school, not going home with students as they do with grades 9-12 at PMHS.

We have developed several strategies and guidelines to ensure that the iPads are used safely and productively by students. PES will be holding an iPad celebration night in June to demonstrate iPad use in the classroom and provide information about internet safety.

Sowah Mensah at PES

Ghanian master drummer, composer, and  ethnomusicologist, Sowah Mensah, will be  working with our 4th,  5th, and 6th grade students next week. In this  residency students will  not only be learning an  exciting music from a  different culture, but  they will be learning life  skills like respect, focus,  and listening. This is an excellent  opportunity for students to feel their  worth as valuable members of their community. Permission slips  must be returned for  your son or daughter  to take part in the  Thursday night performance or Wednesday after school dance  audition. Please consider attending the  concert, 6:30 pm.  March 28th, at PMHS,  to witness this transformational experience!

Pittsfield Parent Connection to Discuss PES-PMHS Transition

The Pittsfield Parent Connection is a group of parents from both PES and PMHS that meets monthly to discuss how the schools can build stronger communication and improved transitions for students.

At it’s next meeting on Monday, March 18, the PPC will review plans for transition activities between grades 6 and 7 and between grades 8 and 9. Parents will give input. Mr. Kilmister, PMHS Principal, Bob Bickford, and PMHS Guidance Counselor Jeff Martell will be on hand to meet with parents, answer questions, and address concerns.

Any interested PES parent is invited to attend. The meeting will start at 6:00 at PMHS, Room 113

Artist in Residence At PES

The annual artist-in residence program is supported by the Pittsfield Elementary School PTO. Thank You, PTO!

Excited Matthew and Joseph share Accordion Book with Ms. Sweeney and classmates.

Strong Community = Strong Schools

The Pittsfield School District is welcoming in the New Year with both reflection and action and would like to share the updates about the on-going progress. You are invited to a Good-to-Great Community Forum scheduled for Saturday, Feb. 9th from 10:00-12:00 in the Pittsfield Middle High School Media Center. Refreshments will be provided. We will be presenting: Where we are with regard to student centered learning and achievement at the start of our journey, how we have been reshaping our systems and structures to better serve our young people, the progress we have made since implementing student centered learning practices, and the role of the community in that progress. (more…)

Fine Dining Experiences at PES

Kevin Crossan, the district’s Food Services Director, worked with Mr. Kilmister and Mr. Curtin this Thursday to serve samples of foods made with fresh cranberries, the food of the month. Café Services plans to do a monthly taste testing of a local food product. The dates of tastings and the featured food will be posted on the monthly menu.

Children’s Author Marty Kelly @ PES

As part of our Year of the Book year-long celebration, children’s author and illustrator Marty Kelley will be at PES this coming Monday, November 5. He will give two readings/presentations, one to grades K-3 at 12:45, and another for grades 4-6 at 1:40.

Mr. Kelley is the author and illustrator of several books, including Fall is Not Easy (1998), Winter Woes (2004), The Messiest Desk (2009), and most recently, Fame, Fortune, and the Bran Muffins of Doom (2012). His web site is

Mr. Kelly will also be unveiling $1,000 worth of new books for the PES Library. His presentation and the books all come through the $20,000 Children’s Literacy Foundation grant. Earlier Monday he will visit Blueberry Express, present to preschoolers and unveil $1,000 worth of books for the Josiah Carpenter Library.