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Curriculum Now On-Line!

The Pittsfield School District invites you to view our curriculum that has been articulated kindergarten through 12th grade. Many education researchers have said that there are more standards than can be mastered in a school year. By articulating our curriculum, each grade level has identified which standards and outcomes they will help the students learn each year. There will be a common outcome for each class within a grade level, even if there are different teachers.

Curriculum mapping also helps the teachers to see how they are building on skills as students move up through the grades. Curriculum mapping helps ensure learning skills build upon each other over the 13 school years of education for all students.  Pittsfield went with ATLAS because it is a web-based platform that teachers can access at home or at school, wherever they are planning.

A link to ATLAS can be found under Curriculum/ATLAS Mapping.

As you start to browse Atlas, you will notice you will only see certain parts that are visible to the public. Why are only parts of ATLAS public? As teachers finish articulating the curriculum, we want to be able to share those outcomes with the greater Pittsfield Community. This will allow for transparency and inspire greater collaboration between home, school, and the community. Right now, teachers have made their Units and Pacing Calendar public. In about a month, we will be making the Competencies/Enduring Understandings and the standards taught for each course public. There will be parts of Atlas that will not become public, like the assessments, so that we can secure the integrity of the assessments.

Parents are a critical part of their children’s education. In sharing our curriculum maps with our parents, we are lifting the veil and making public what their children must know during each year of school. When parents know what their children are learning, they can become more engaged in assisting the educational development of their children and can have more informed dialogue with their children’s teachers. Atlas curriculum mapping is a conduit to greater educational and life success for our students and your children.

Thank you for the opportunity to educate your child and to create a team approach to ensuring educational excellence. Please direct any questions to Ms. Chris Teague, Director of Curriculum and Intervention or Ms. Danielle Harvey, District Curriculum/Tier I Coach at Pittsfield School District at (603) 435-8432.

Link to our Atlas site for community:

SINI Letter

SINI Parent Letter (6.18.12)

Head Lice Family Handbook

Head Lice Family Handbook

Wee Deliver: Free Mail Service for PES Students & Parents

Parents, would you like to send a letter to your child at school, no postage required.

PES has a mail delivery system called Wee Deliver. Students are able to send letters to other students and teachers in the building. Mail is delivered on Friday mornings by our postal assistants from grades 4, 5, and 6. Each classroom has selected a delivery address and is listed below.

The goals of this program are:

  • Students practice written communication skills in a letter format.
  • Students learn to use correct mechanics and format when addressing an envelope.
  • Students help to develop a friendlier and stronger school community.

You can send a letter to your child by dropping it off at our school mailbox located in the main hallway. You can also send it to your child’s teacher inside another envelope. Please be sure to write your child’s name and classroom address. Also, the envelope must have a return address so that your child can write back. Contact any second grade teacher (Ms. Levine, Mrs. Venetos, Mr. Uhouse or Mrs. Mahanes) with questions about the program.

Office Staff 1 Welcome Way Special Ed Teachers 202 Support Str.
Cafeteria Five a Day Way Gym Heart Healthy Way
Student Support Ctr. 208 Respect Road Music Melody Way
Custodial Window Washer Way Library Book Boulevard
Computer Lab 101 Lab Lane Art Room 103 Creative Lane
Speech 106 Language Lane  K Plus 102 Panda Place
Mrs. McCue 114 Kindergarten Way Ms. Whittier 115 Finch Rd./Ladybug L.
Mrs. Bouchard 104 Mathematician Way Mrs. Biron 107 Scientists Street
Mrs. DeRosa 105 Readers Way Mr. Uhouse 108 Smart Street
Mrs. Mahanes 109 Science Street Mrs. Venetos 110 Smartboard Street
Ms. Kilar 111 Learning Lane Mrs. Elliott 113 Cowabunga Lane
Ms. Wilson 209 Folk Tale Drive Mrs. Bass 210 Abenaki Avenue
Mrs. Doscher 204 Nerd Street Ms. Bickford 205 Angle Island
Ms. Allen 203 Allen Avenue Mr. Patsos 206 Yidda Yadda Lane
Mrs. Kaplan 207 Ineffable Way    

Parents’ Right-to-Know

Talk to Your Kids about the Internet

OnGuard Online provides practical tips from the federal government and the technology community to help you guard against internet fraud, secure your computers, and protect your privacy. Please check the link below.

You can also check NetSmartz Workshop Website!