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New PES Dismissal Plan Will Continue Until Year’s End

We plan to continue our new dismissal routine until tear’s end. Twenty to thirty cars a day take advantage of pick up in the loop. Parents tell us they like it because they get home 10 – 20 minutes sooner with their child. Bus departures have not been affected.

In order to provide a smoother, faster, and more efficient dismissal at the end of the day, PES is piloting a new dismissal routine.  The new dismissal plan encourages walking and also makes car pick-up more convenient for parents by opening up the main loop to personal vehicles at 2:25.

Why are we changing the dismissal routine? 

Currently our dismissal routine takes too long.  On many occasions, students who walk or are picked up by parents are not dismissed until 2:45, fifteen minutes after the scheduled dismissal.  Buses are regularly delayed in arriving, holding up all students.  Prior to and during bus dismissal the hallway is usually crowded with parents waiting to pick up their children.  During this time the building is not secure; anyone can enter through the front doors. 

Under the new dismissal plan, dismissal will take less time, and the building will be more secure.  Dismissing children to cars will preclude the need for many parents to wait in the lobby, since car pick-up will be much more convenient.  Parents who wish to park and enter the lobby may still do so; they will need to park in the kindergarten loop and check in at the office.

What are options for the dismissal? (more…)

New Dismissal Plan Pilot for June 4

Last week Mr. Kilmister presented a new dismissal plan to the Pittsfield School Board, which approved a pilot of the plan for the week of June 4-8. The plan was developed with input from the Board, the PES Safety Committee, the PES PTO, and the H.A. Marston Bus Company.

Under the new dismissal plan, walkers and students being picked up by parents will be dismissed earlier. Parents driving private vehicles will be allowed into the main loop in front of the school at 2:25, and students will be delivered by staff to waiting cars. Drivers will not need to park and enter the school. When cars are loaded, vehicles will exit onto Winsunvale.

The dismissal routine for bus riders or for kindergarteners being picked up outside the kindergarten classrooms will not be affected by this change.

A description of the plan will be distributed later next week and posted on the web site. If all works well , we will adopt the plan next year.

The “Year of the Book”

Next school year will be “The Year of the Book” at PES. Our school is one of two elementary schools in New Hampshire to win a Children’s Literacy Foundation (CLiF) “Year of the Book” grant award for the 2012-13 school year.  The grant will bring $20,000 of resources to PES, including 2,000 books for individual students and families, funds for the school library and the town library, special programming for students, and teacher mini-grant funds for reading work. 

The focus of our work at PES will be improving school-family literacy connections and bumping up the volume of children’s reading in and out of school. Library Coordinator Susan Kinney will be the grant coordinator. The Josiah Carpenter Library will also be working with our school in this exciting grant.  Any parents who would like to help organize are encouraged to call the school and ask for Ms. Kinney or Mr. Kilmister.

School Community Index Survey, 4/16

Parents, we need your help. On Monday, April 16, when you come to school for parent teacher conferences, we would like you to complete an on-line survey about your impressions of PES and your family’s habits and routines around school.

All survey takers who complete the survey by April 20 will be entered in a raffle for a $100 and $50 Visa debit card!  If you are not able to take the survey in school, please call the school and we’ll send you a copy. 

About the School Community Index Survey and Raffle at Pittsfield Elementary School

Research shows that children are more successful when parents are engaged in the academic development of the child. To assist us in improving student achievement through parental engagement we are asking every family to complete an online Family-School- Community survey. This survey designed to help the school learn more about itself and bring focus to planning for improvement in the area of family engagement. We are looking for 100% participation! (more…)

PES Parent Survey

Parents, we need your help.  Please listen for a call from me this weekend about an important survey, the School Community Index, which will be available on Monday during parent-teacher conferences between 8:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.. The data from the anonymous survey—a version of which will also be given to teachers—will help us build stronger partnerships between school and home.

All survey takers who complete the survey by April 20 will be entered in a raffle for a $100 and $50 Visa debit card!  If you are not able to take the survey in school, please call the school and we’ll send you a copy. 

Doug Kilmister

PES Principal

PES Awarded Fuel Up to Play Wellness Grant

Pittsfield Elementary School has been awarded $2,700 by the New England Dairy & Food Council for the Fuel Up to Play 60 initiative. Pittsfield Elementary School was selected from hundreds of schools across the country that applied for funding to help them jumpstart and sustain healthy nutrition and physical activity improvements. (more…)