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Running the Appalachian Mountain Trail

During the Integrated Support time, Mrs. Elliott’s 3rd grade class works with Mr. Donohue the Physical Education Teacher. During this time, students are working on a project called “Running the Appalachian Mountain Trail.” The goal of this project is for students to run the length of the Appalachian Trail by doing laps in the gym over several class visits. The running of the Appalachian Mountain Trail is done during Physical Education as well as Integrated Support time. The project was created so that students would be able to take skills learned during their study of United States Regions in the classroom and apply them in the gymnasium. This project incorporates graphing, team-work, mathematics, Social Studies, and running. The stu-dents are also learning about working independently. Each time the students enter the gym, the directions are on the whiteboard. Students are asked to read the board and follow the directions. Our hope is that each student will be able to run the whole trail. If they are not able to run the whole thing, this will give the students an understanding that not everyone who starts the trail is able to finish on the first try. After students have studied the Northeast Region and completed a Quality Performance Assessment. They transfer this information to the Integrated Support class. On a typical day during integrated support class:
1. Students enter the gym and read the directions on the white board.
2. Students run the amount of laps written in the directions. Every lap completed equals one mile.
3. Students will go to the big circle in the middle of the gym and graph the information in their folders.
4. If students have questions they reread the white board or ask a friend.
The students are excited and enthusiastic to begin the long journey. They are applying new knowledge and facing real world challenges.

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