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Homework Information

Posted By Kathy Mahanes On August 17, 2009 @ 4:43 pm In Teacher Subpage | Comments Disabled

Second graders are expected to spend 30 minutes on homework each night. Fifteen of these minutes are for reading. What the children reads is up to her/him. The other fifteen minutes will usually be a short math assignment based on that day’s math lesson and a written paper in reading or writing literacy. We encourage all parents to play math games with their second grader frequently and will be providing some game materials for that purpose. Each Monday your child will bring home the week’s homework log for recording the time spent reading and listing what that night’s homework is. Every second grader has a blue plastic homework folder that needs to be returned to school each day. This folder is where I will put notes to you, notices from the office, lunch envelopes, completed work for your viewing, etc. In addition, you receive a math resource binder on the first day of school with the resources for helping your second grader with math homework. Keep the binder at home and add pages to it as I send them home to you. You will know it goes in the binder because it will be printed on yellow paper and will already be hole-punched for the binder. There is a cover letter in the binder with more information for you. If your child is having great difficulty with a homework assignment, feel free to stop them after they have put in their half hour and write a note on the unfinished work to let me know. Homework is not a punishment and if he/she is having that much difficulty then I need to know that.

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