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Give PES Feedback and – with luck – Win a Kindle Fire

Parents, we need your help. On Thursday evening and Friday, April 11 and 12, when you come to school for parent-teacher conferences, we need you to complete an online survey about your impressions of PES and your family’s habits and routines around school. Each family that completes the 15-minute survey in the school’s library will be entered in a raffle to win a new HD Kindle Fire. Research shows that children are more successful when parents are engaged in the academic development of the child. To assist us in improving our school we are asking every family to complete an online Family-School-Community survey. This is the second year we have done this survey, and we want to get a sense if and how we have improved. This survey is designed to help our school learn more about itself and bring focus to planning for improvement in the area of family engagement. We are striving for a high level participation. 

Q: What is The School Community Index Survey? A: Every building project benefits from a survey to first “get the lay of the land.” This web-based survey completed by teachers, parents, and students (in high schools) comes together in a rich report complete with charts, graphs, narratives, and guidance for analysis. The survey takes about 15 minutes to complete. The School Community Index report is a descriptive tool describing the school community as seen through the eyes of its constituents, with additional information provided by the principal. Groups like the PES PTO and the Pittsfield Parent Connection will use the data to build stronger connections between Pittsfield families and our schools.

Q: Who should complete the survey? A: The parents/primary caregiver of the child, (The primary care-giver is the one who takes care of the child day to day. For instance, this could be the parents, a guardian, or a grand parent.)

Q: Should more than one survey be completed per family? A: No, only one survey per family is required. (If children live in two different households on a regular basis, and the survey cannot be completed together by both households, a survey should then be completed by both. (If you need clarification, please contact Mr. Kilmister.

Q: How is the survey completed? A: The survey is accessed through an online portal and is completed by teachers and parents, On April 16 computers will be set up in the Library so that parents can take the survey. A staff member will be on hand to assist,. And every family that takes the survey will be eligible for the Kindle drawing We plan to have short-term child care available in the back of the library during peak hours on April 11 so parents can focus on the survey. At the conclusion of the data collection process, the comprehensive report with charts, graphs, and narratives is automatically generated by the online system.

Q. What will we do with the results? A: After we get the data from the survey and analyze results, we will report back to parents and the school community on what we learn. Next school teachers, staff, and parents will use the data to plan programs and strengthen school-home connections.