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Concord Dental Sealant Coalition and Dr. Dustin Visit PES

Last week and this week, two hygienists from the Concord Dental Sealant Coalition spent five days at PES. The Concord Dental Sealant Coalition is a non-profit organization, providing preventive dental services and oral health education in ten schools in the greater Concord area.

The school-based program is celebrating its sixth year. The program targets children in grades 1, 2, and 3, because this is the age when the permanent molars appear in the mouth, and dental sealants can be applied to prevent cavities.

At PES, Pittsfield dentist, Dr. Cedric Dustin, volunteered his time to do the dental assessments for children with written consent. The program provided dental assessments for 45 children, and 41 children received in-school preventive treatment.

All children in grades 1, 2 and 3 received a classroom presentation on oral health. The program’s dental hygienist discussed the importance of brushing morning and at bedtime, flossing daily, visiting a dentist for regular check-ups, and eating and drinking healthy snacks like water, milk, cheese, yogurt and fresh fruits and vegetables for preventing tooth decay and maintaining a healthy smile!

This collaborative effort of the Concord Dental Sealant Coalition, PES staff, and Pittsfield families improves the oral health of our children.

We wish to thank PES nurse, Melissa Miller for her work in organizing the visit, and we thank Dr. Dustin for volunteering his expert services.

By Clayton Wood Email this author