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Attendance Matters: Chronic Absenteeism

This year PES continues to focus on promoting good attendance. It’s just common sense that if a child isn’t in school he or she is not learning as much as the children who are. In the worst cases, poor attendance can become a habit that leads to future school failure, drop-out, and poor attendance at work.

Our PES Attendance Team meets quarterly to review attendance data and identify children who are having problems and to reach out to families to offer support. The team consists of the principal, guidance counselor, social worker, student support center supervisor, secretary and a teacher.

This year our focus has been on “chronically absent” students, those who miss 10% of days or more.

The Attendance Team met today. Next week we will be sending letters and making calls to the parents of students with attendance problems. We’ll offer support and ideas to get children here and learning.