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New PES Dismissal Plan Will Continue Until Year’s End

Posted By Clayton Wood On May 31, 2012 @ 1:17 pm In Administration | Comments Disabled

We plan to continue our new dismissal routine until tear’s end. Twenty to thirty cars a day take advantage of pick up in the loop. Parents tell us they like it because they get home 10 – 20 minutes sooner with their child. Bus departures have not been affected.

In order to provide a smoother, faster, and more efficient dismissal at the end of the day, PES is piloting a new dismissal routine.  The new dismissal plan encourages walking and also makes car pick-up more convenient for parents by opening up the main loop to personal vehicles at 2:25.

Why are we changing the dismissal routine? 

Currently our dismissal routine takes too long.  On many occasions, students who walk or are picked up by parents are not dismissed until 2:45, fifteen minutes after the scheduled dismissal.  Buses are regularly delayed in arriving, holding up all students.  Prior to and during bus dismissal the hallway is usually crowded with parents waiting to pick up their children.  During this time the building is not secure; anyone can enter through the front doors. 

Under the new dismissal plan, dismissal will take less time, and the building will be more secure.  Dismissing children to cars will preclude the need for many parents to wait in the lobby, since car pick-up will be much more convenient.  Parents who wish to park and enter the lobby may still do so; they will need to park in the kindergarten loop and check in at the office.

What are options for the dismissal?

Leaving on Foot or Bicycle

At 2:30 sharp, bikers and walkers will be called down from classrooms and will exit out the main doors, either moving toward the high school or down Bow Street towards Tilton Hill Road.  Duty staff members will be outside supervising students as they leave the building.

Leaving by Car

At 2:25 a staff member will direct drivers of passenger vehicles to drive past the big, red signs at the entrance to the loop.  Cars will line up on the back side of the loop.  Drivers will be greeted by a staff person, who will check with the driver to see what child they are picking up and to ensure that the driver is authorized to pick up the child.  The greeter will communicate by walkie-talkie with staff members in the office and the cafeteria, where students will be waiting for pick up.

At 2:33 students being picked up by cars will be dismissed to the cafeteria.  Staff members in the cafeteria will dismiss children whose parents have checked in and whose rides are waiting to leave the school by the cafeteria and have them walk on the sidewalk to the waiting vehicles.  Children will be carefully supervised inside and outside the building.   

All passenger vehicle need to exit the loop via Winsunvale Street; vehicles will not be permitted to pass the buses and return to Tilton Hill Road via Bow Street (see PES Dismissal Pilot Diagram).

Kindergarteners leaving by Car

Afternoon kindergartners may be picked up in the small loop by the playground, following the same practices currently in place.  Note:  If a kindergartener has an older sibling who is being picked up by car, the kindergartener will be walked to the cafeteria by a fifth- or sixth-grade helper, and the kindergartener and older sibling will be delivered to the waiting vehicle in the front loop.

Leaving by Bus

The time of the bus dismissal is unchanged.  At 2:35, or when busses are assembled outside, bus riders will be walked down to the lobby and out the front door by their teachers.

Being Met by a Parent

Parents still have the option of coming to the school to pick up their child at the end of the day.  They can park in the kindergarten loop, walk to the main office, check in with the office staff, and wait in the lobby or under the portico to pick up their children at the entrance to the cafeteria.

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