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Press Release August 14, 2013


From The Desk of the Chief of Police

Balloon Rally Wrap-up

Balloon Rally weekend this year brought soft winds, gentle landings and a few fights and underage parties. While the Rally weekend was, for the most part, a well-oiled machine as far as the Pittsfield Rotary and Pittsfield Police Department were concerned, the arrests that were made brought to light a few reminders to the community.

Twenty-four motor vehicle stops were made as a result of the DWI and Speed grants in town this weekend. Seven arrests were made mostly as a result of drugs or alcohol; one as a result of operating a vehicle after the license was suspended.

Let me make this perfectly clear; underage drinking will not be tolerated in the town of Pittsfield. You may think you are doing your kids or your kidís friends a favor when you provide a venue or the alcohol for them and their underage friends because your thought is, ďWell, theyíre going to drink anyway, Iíd rather they be at home where they are safe.Ē Not so. You are breaking the law when you supply alcohol to minors. You are breaking the law when you provide your house for a party to host underage drinking.

As a result of an underage drinking party in town this weekend one minor was sent to the hospital with a head injury that required eight staples and another minor was arrested. We need to teach our kids that itís not okay to drink before the age of 21. Not that itís okay to drink at home or with mom or dad. What you did in high school is your business but now itís your job to lay down the law for your own kids and teach them that there is a legal drinking age for a reason; they are too young to handle the effects of alcohol. Period. If you hear of an underage drinking party being planned, if you are at one, or you see one going on, call the police. Underage drinking is never okay, itís against the law.

Of course there were also the difficulties of the handicapped parking areas as everyone wants to get as close to the balloons as quickly as possible. Handicapped areas are clearly marked. Several signs were put out Thursday night by the Pittsfield Rotary Club directing traffic to where the handicapped parking is on Barnstead Road. Still the police had an instance where we had to clear several vehicles out of one of these lots so that handicapped drivers could park. We greatly appreciated the cooperation of the Pittsfield Rotary Club and the announcer at the field in helping us with these matters. A reminder for next year; if you have out-of-town relatives or friends who need handicapped parking, give the police department a call ahead of time to find out where it is and if you are not a handicapped driver, be aware of the signs and move on.

All in all the weekend was a beautiful one and we were able to enjoy a successful Balloon Rally. I sincerely believe that it is these types of events that make the community what it is and bring everyone together for a common reason. We are so lucky to have events such as Old Home Day, The Balloon Rally, National Night Out and Winterfest as part of living in Pittsfield. Not only does it give us something to be proud of but it brings out the best in us as a community. With your continued help, Pittsfield can only get better.


Press Release August 1, 2013


From The Desk of the Chief of Police

First Iíd like to thank everyone for calling in their hints and tips regarding the recent burglaries. Because of the communityís diligence we have a list of suspects and are closing in on those who may have perpetrated these crimes. These particular burglaries may be linked to several other surrounding towns, such as Goffstown, Allenstown and Manchester.


Iíd also like to thank those citizens who are coming forward in order to form a Neighborhood Watch program to ensure we have many pairs of eyes keeping watch on the whereabouts of suspicious people and vehicles while we, the police department, are on other calls. It is with the help of community members like yourselves that will help crack down on crime in the long run. Once again, donít be afraid to call when you see anything that looks out of place. These burglaries can happen just as easily at two oíclock in the afternoon as they do at two oíclock in the morning.


Please remember to use caution and lock up when you leave whether it is your car or house and call as soon as you see something, donít wait till the next day. Crime is never convenient but the odds are in our favor when reported immediately.



Press Release July 24, 2013


From the Desk of the Chief of Police

Thereís been a lot of talk about recent burglaries in town and talk about past incidents and burglaries that these current ones have brought back to the publicís attention. First and foremost I assure you that the Pittsfield Police Department is just as outraged as you citizens are that these burglaries are occurring in the first place. It shows a complete disregard and disrespect for one another abiding in the same town and perpetuates the myth that Pittsfield is a bad place to live. While it may seem to the untrained and uninformed eye that the police are ďdoing nothingĒ or ďdonít careĒ quite the contrary is true. While you beg for the facts, we try to keep a lot of the information sacred because it will endanger the cases. If everyone knows the facts it is hard to discern who is telling the truth and who is lying when they bring us information.

Unfortunately it's hard when people don't know all the facts and even more difficult when releasing the facts would only jeopardize the cases. You have a right to be upset but don't realize just because someone says "they did it, I saw them" doesn't make for a credible witness. What if someone pointed the finger at you and said that you committed a crime and you had nothing to do with it?

While you may have heard this from an officer before and while I donít condone the phrase; it is true that this is not CSI and while we can dust for fingerprints, we do not have a fancy computer to analyze them. The prints and other evidence that needs to be examined get sent to the state lab which sometimes takes months to get back to us and that's only IF there are a set of fingerprints to match them to.

Also, there are some cases that are going through court right now, the court process is full of continuances, plea bargains and other reasons why it takes forever to see a case through, sometimes the same case can reappear 14 times, no exaggeration. Also, while I know theft is a big issue right now, the public has no idea what else we're dealing with; the sexual assaults, crimes in the schools, things that may take precedence over lesser cases. What may seem the world to one person could be priority 5 on our list. We have been examining the best venues to get more info out there and what info would be best to share without jeopardizing any of the cases.

I assure you, much is being done about the break-ins, but it's not as easy as everyone makes it sound. Police Officers do business checks and vacant house checks twice a night plus are expected to stop fights, respond to domestic disturbances, stop DWIs, and respond when some drunken person is in the middle of 28. During the day we respond to calls involving making sure kids are in school, go after loose dogs, respond to medical calls, car accidents as well as conduct investigations. All of this takes time and paperwork.

Instead of being enraged at the police, be enraged at your fellow citizens for wasting the Police Department's time with public drunkenness; at your school for not allowing a police presence in the schools; and the drug dealers and doers for creating most of the problems we have in town, including the burglaries.

Most importantly; when you see something occurring, call the police, donít wait.



Press Release July 17, 2013


To the Residents of Pittsfield,

In recent weeks I have been asked to make the public aware of what has been going on in town in the area of crime related calls. Each and every week we receive calls concerning crimes involving burglaries, thefts, assaults, sexual assaults, juvenile issues, domestic disturbances, Illegal drug use and sales, internet fraud, identity fraud and a lot of other smaller related crimes.

Since the beginning of the year we have had 10 burglary calls in the Town of Pittsfield between residential and commercial businesses. The focus of todayís letter is to inform the public of what to do in your neighborhoods and in the community to help the police department safe guard your neighborhoods. We would ask that you make sure that you have adequate exterior lighting around your residence (motion sensors), and that around your house is free from shrubs. While the shrubs look nice they create a protective barrier for people looking to break in to house. Make sure your house and vehicle are locked when you are not at home or using them.

Work together as a neighborhood and keep an eye on your neighborís house and ask them to keep an eye on yours. Getting to know your neighbors is probably one of the strongest prevention methods there is. By knowing your neighbors they may be more inclined to take an interest of what is happening at your residence when youíre not there. This is an area that really helps the police department in obtaining vital information. If you get to know your neighbors then you will be able to tell when something is not right.

Recently a resident called to report that there was a suspicious looking individual walking up the road and that the individual approached a house and knocked on a door. This didnít appear to be appropriate behavior to the individual. The Police Department responded, identified the individual and arrested him on some outstanding warrants. The individual was wearing clothing seen a few days prior and because of the call we were able to obtain finger prints and connect this individual to at least two other burglaries in town that we otherwise would not have been able to solve. All due to a phone call.

The police department is on duty 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Please utilize our services when you see something that doesnít make sense or doesnít seem right. If it feels wrong then there is probably a reason why, and you might just help us catch someone up to no good. If you wish to have a neighborhood crime watch program in your neighborhood please contact the police department at 435-7535 X11.

To track information that is published by the police department we use several posting sites, they are as follows, Message Board in front of the Police Department, Town Web Site, channel 24 and we will be using the newly established Face Book page which is still a work in progress.
Chief Wharem 

Crime Line call (603) 226-3100



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